Greg Wong – NYC Product Design Lead profile

Hello from Brooklyn!
Meet Greg – a product design leader and vision builder

With 10+ years of experience across edtech, fintech, eCommerce, healthcare, travel, and productivity, I build strategic customer experiences and future-leaning design visions. 

I care about delivering business impact, ideating from user insights, and elevating design teams.

Today I’m the Head of Product Design and UX Strategy at n2y –  a mission-driven edtech that provides the leading special needs classroom content technology and is innovating tomorrow’s accessible learning futures enabled by AI. 

Work highlights:

  • Helping teachers plan their class days – automating complexity and laborious teaching efforts for special-ed classrooms with AI
  • Managing B2B vendor relationships – automating complexity and laborious tasks for accounting teams 🧮
  • Developing Blaze Checkout – the global eCommerce checkout with blazing fast performance enhanced by microservices  🔥
  • Revamping a wealth technology platform for digital transformation with new IA, UX, and design system  🏦
  • Changing consumer healthcare behaviors experiences at scale improved the health of 40 million Aetna members and delivered up to $2.5 million in enterprise savings  🏥
  • Managing a team of 6 designers to create digital experiences for customer growth  💼
  • Mentoring the career growth and ways of working of designers with ADPList  🌎

In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with the latest consumer and productivity AI tools, building communities, travel hacking, and creating social content.  🎉 🎧

Portfolio access is shared upon request.